J.D. Arnold's Portfolio

  • Penrose Cube Penrose Cube This is not a photoshopped image or a composite image. This image is done in a single render.
  • Penrose Cube -- Second Angle Penrose Cube -- Second Angle The solution.
  • The Subway The Subway
  • The Evergreen Necropolis The Evergreen Necropolis A necropolis that defies time, space, history, and almost reason. Inspired mainly by ancient Egyptian art along with other various ancient art.
  • Schrodinger Schrodinger Based on the thought experiment of Schrodinger's Cat.
  • Earth-Like Planet Earth-Like Planet
  • Earth-Like Planet - Orbital view Earth-Like Planet - Orbital view
  • Broken Rubix Broken Rubix Because some problems cannot be solved by brute force.